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Tiger Shark Bath Bomb Shark
Tiger Shark Bath Bomb Shark

Tiger Shark Bath Bomb Shark

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Tubs bath bombs Tiger Shark Bath Bomb a rival for our best selling blue shark attack shark bath bomb ....

You really, really are going to need a bigger tub!

Scented in unisex baby powder Tiger Shark Bath Bomb hand painted using colour safe colours and Mica powder in florescent yellow, orange and black tiger stripes

With added Apricot Kernel oil to nourish and moisturise the skin

Filled with orange yellow and red embeds

Hand painted in orange and yellow for instant bath art as these colour dissolve let the drama unfold

All our hand made products are Cruelty Free Vegan & Vegetarian Friendly

For best colour results and patterns place a bath bomb in the water above the water line is best to get the first effect of a little blood pouring from his mouth - don’t drop it in you wont get the full drama of the tiger shark. Its also best not to squeeze or crumble a bath bomb, they won’t work as well.

Wait for the bath bomb to fully dissolve before getting in the bath, this allows all the goodness from the ingredients to mix and be far more beneficial to your skin and you can watch the fabulous bath art


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